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D-Star Suggestion

Dirk Wilhite, KC5SFE has asked us to think about setting up a D-Star node.  I’ve thought about it and we may still do it but at this point, I am not sure the benefit will equal the costs.  It is certainly something to think about but I have been reluctant to consider this because it […]

Happy Independence Day from W5DEL

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Independence Day.  Our country is diverse in many ways to a point where we sometimes don’t get along very well.  One thing that makes our country unique is the freedom that we’ve had to be able to believe the way we choose openly. […]

Fireworks Displays around the metro

Thanks to KFOR, channel 4, I found a list of fireworks displays around the Oklahoma City metro.  I still think it is tragic that fireworks are not legal in the city.  Those of us that are old enough to remember when they were legal realize what a loss it has been.

Midwest City Tried to Fine an Amateur Radio Operator

Check out where the city of Midwest City tried to come down on an amateur radio operator and the ARRL stepped in on their behalf saying that only the FCC has jurisdiction over RFI matters.  This link takes you to the story on the ARRL site…

Long Term Solutions

We’ve not had either of the IRLP nodes on the air much because of the heat.  Our problem is that our nodes are computers and they cannot run in hot temperatures.  Unfortunately they are being stored at the repeater site in an un-air conditioned building where temperatures exceed 120 degrees.  No computer can be expected […]