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Streaming Audio is Back On

// a couple years absence, our streaming audio is back on the air for our W5DEL, 146.7 MHz repeater.  As of 12:01 AM, today, the new Raspberry Pi streaming audio is on 24 hours a day.  It is being fed with an older Radio Shack Pro-2051 scanner as shown below… // This setup should be […]

New IRLP node Has Arrived for 146.7 MHz Repeater

We received the package in the mail this weekend for the new node and so we’ll have it installed this week.  As we’ve mentioned before, these nodes are being run on Raspberry Pi computers so they will use a fraction of the power that we were using before and just as importantly, they will be […]

New IRLP Node Ordered for 146.7

Our 443.3 repeater and IRLP node is online now working smoothly.  As you may have read in previous posts, we replaced the IRLP node with a new Raspberry Pi, or PiRLP node. We even decided to go with a new node number dropping the old 8440 and replacing it with 4122.  We could have re-used […]