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Power Outage #2 11/30/15

What a weekend!  The power and Internet are back on at the repeater site and the streaming audio site but there are some IP issues that are being ironed out right now.  The IRLP nodes share the same ports so they require separate external IP addresses. You cannot forward the same port to two different […]

Power Outage Update 11/30/15

The power came on at the repeater site yesterday, 11/29/15 around 5:30 PM so the repeaters are back on the air.  Unfortunately the Cox Internet and phone service is not back online yet so the streaming audio is down.  As you may know, the streaming audio is located at a different place than the repeater […]

Power Outage Update

Today the power is still off as well as Internet. Both repeaters are still off the air as well as the streaming audio.  There are many utility trucks working in the area.  A truck was spotted replacing an entire transformer at the corner of SE 22nd and Vickie Drive. There are lots of trees damaged […]

Power Outage

Well unfortunately it has happened.  The repeater site has lost power and Internet.  The Internet went down first and then while trying to get it back online, the power has gone out.  We have no idea how long it will be down but both repeaters will remain off the air until the power returns. Unfortunately […]

Ice Storm

In 2007 we had a horrible ice storm where we lost power for a week in Del City. Weather reports that we are getting at this hour are showing that we are expecting another 3/4″ of ice by morning, virtually a copy of what happened in 2007. For that reason we are shutting the repeaters […]

Info about 146.7 Repeater

Seems like the cold sensitive spot in the 146.7 MHz repeater power amplifier has been reached transmit. The exciter still transmits and if you are within a block or two of the repeater, you can still hear it coming back to you.  This is a known issue, likely a cold solder joint that fixes itself when […]