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Cox Outage Map

Just in case any of you were wondering why our streaming audio is on and off and on again, this map should help explain.  Apparently the ice storm has really had an impact on the Cox High Speed Internet infrastructure. To be honest, our Internet has been pretty flaky since the last ice storm right […]

ARES Oklahoma Voice Over IP Net

Since the weather missed us this time, the ARES Oklahoma VoIP net will be starting on the 146.7 MHz repeater at 9:15 PM tonight.  The net control is W5LHG and anyone is welcome to join in. If you are currently listening to the net on 147.135 in Edmond, by all means come over to this […]

Updating Without Internet

I know many may be asking how we are able to update when the Internet goes down.  Well, we could do it directly by our phones if we needed to but I, K5GLH hate trying to type long messages on my phone.  Honestly, I think I have some sort of brain disorder or something because […]

Cold Temperature Affect

Many times we have spoken about a cold solder joint that we’ve not fixed on the 146.7 MHz repeater.  What happens is once the temperature in the building gets down to about 40 degrees, the power amplifier stops transmitting. The repeater still hears people and does transmit, but only the exciter is transmitting. When this […]

IRLP Nodes will be Down

Merry Christmas everyone! Due to approaching weather that is likely to cause icing and power outages and no one around to monitor the repeaters, we have decided to turn off both IRLP nodes until Tuesday. Both repeaters will be left on but the nodes will be turned off.  If the repeater site loses power, you […]

Oklahoma ARES VoIP net starting now on 146.7 MHz

Oklahoma ARES VoIP net starting now on 146.7 MHz repeater. The offset is minus -600 with a PL tone is 103.5.

Oklahoma ARES VoIP Net

Last week we announced there would be a net at 9:15 PM on the 146.7 MHz repeater and as you may have noticed there was none. 🙂  Let me explain what happened.  When the announcement was posted from the ARRL, initially there was an error on which IRLP node number (9213) it would be done […]

Del City ARS Facebook Group

Good evening everyone, We have a closed Facebook Group that we welcome you to join when you have time.  The address for this group can be found here… Why is it closed?  First, understand that closed does not mean exclusive. Closed just means that you have to be a member before you can see […]

First Inaugural Oklahoma ARES Net

   Be sure and tune in tomorrow night at 9:15 on 146.7 MHZ