Oklahoma ARES VoIP Net

Last week we announced there would be a net at 9:15 PM on the 146.7 MHz repeater and as you may have noticed there was none. 🙂  Let me explain what happened.  When the announcement was posted from the ARRL, initially there was an error on which IRLP node number (9213) it would be done on.  Unfortunately we made a screen shot of that post that we received via email into our last post.

The day after the net was supposed to have happened, we were contacted by W5LHG to inform us that we had erroneous information.  He told us that it should have been on IRLP node 9219.  Since WX5DEL was to be our control operator, he was not aware of this information so he connected to the wrong node number and nothing ever happened.

This week, tomorrow, we’ll make another attempt at connecting to the correct IRLP node number 9219 so that our users can participate in this net.  We apologize for this mistake last week.  If you have questions, please respond to this post on delcityars.com, or our Facebook page or group.  We hope to have a lot of people check in or at least listen.

As a reminder, if you are not aware of how IRLP works, reflectors have many nodes/repeaters connected to them. Their number begins with a “9” and end with the last digit indicating the channel number. All reflectors are 10 channels, 0-9. For example in this case, 9219 actually means 9210 (Raleigh Reflector) channel 9.  Channels 8 and 9 are reserved for GSM codec, which is a lower bandwidth codec than standard IRLP nodes use. Why?  These channels are reserved for cross linking to other systems and since Echolink uses a lower codec (GSM) than IRLP (uncompressed U-Law), we have to lower the codec chosen to one of common value so that both sides can communicate back and forth.

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