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Link to Live Audio

We have added a link to our menu on the top of our web site labeled “Listen Live!” to make it easier for people to find the streaming audio.  As it stands, we are streaming our 146.7 MHz repeater 24 hours a day on Broadcastify.com, part of the Radio Reference organization.  You can also get there by clicking this link or by going to http://www.broadcastify.com and then clicking on  “Listen” > “Browse Feeds” > Click on the “Oklahoma” map > Click on “Oklahoma County” on the map > Scroll down and click on “W5DEL 146.7000 MHz Repeater and IRLP / Echolink Nodes“.  Finally, you can download any number of Police Scanner apps on both Android or iPhone that you can find our stream anywhere in the world.

Our stream has been up since September 2015 but we’ve never had a prominent link to find it on our web site.  That is one of the downsides of using WordPress exclusively.  The top menu is the only place you can add links that do not eventually go off the page over time.  We hope you’ll enjoy the streaming audio and tell your friends.

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