Node 4122 on 443.3 MHz

If you have tried using the IRLP or Echolink nodes on the 443.3 repeater you may have noticed the audio would drop after connecting. We’ve discovered that it was just a simple push to talk (PTT) wirecoming lose from the terminal. We will have that fixed today so it shouldn’t be a problem. We’re sorry […]

W5DEL Repeater Tower

We’ve long had a dream where we could have better coverage on our Amateur Radio repeaters.  With more than 100 users on our roster, we’ve often felt that we were unable to serve everyone with such limited coverage.  This month, we made some improvements that will hopefully make life easier for our users.  Last October, […]

Cold Temperature Problem Fixed

You may remember that we’ve been having an issue with the 146.7 MHz repeater losing power, or giving the appearance of going offline during cold spells.  Thanks to W5QO for fixing this problem.  The power amplifier would quit working when the temperature would drop to around 40 degrees at the repeater site.  He fixed the […]

Oklahoma ARES VoIP net starting now on 146.7 MHz

Oklahoma ARES VoIP net starting now on 146.7 MHz repeater. The offset is minus -600 with a PL tone is 103.5.

First Inaugural Oklahoma ARES Net

   Be sure and tune in tomorrow night at 9:15 on 146.7 MHZ

New IRLP node Has Arrived for 146.7 MHz Repeater

We received the package in the mail this weekend for the new node and so we’ll have it installed this week.  As we’ve mentioned before, these nodes are being run on Raspberry Pi computers so they will use a fraction of the power that we were using before and just as importantly, they will be […]

Getting The Nodes Back on the Air

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give you an update on the IRLP/Echolink/WIN System nodes.  We have ordered a new Raspberry Pi version of the node for the 443.3 MHz (node 8440) repeater.  Once this repeater is up and running, another one will be ordered for the 146.7 MHz (node 3867) repeater.  The heat has […]

D-Star Suggestion

Dirk Wilhite, KC5SFE has asked us to think about setting up a D-Star node.  I’ve thought about it and we may still do it but at this point, I am not sure the benefit will equal the costs.  It is certainly something to think about but I have been reluctant to consider this because it […]

OCAPA Field Day

Thanks to an invite to NE5SD, we are going to attend the Oklahoma City Autopatch Association (OCAPA) Field Day events this year.  Since we are a small group without formal meetings, we don’t do our own Field Day activities so we rely on other clubs. The OCAPA group has been around for a very long […]

Happy Father’s Day From W5DEL

We just wanted to take a moment to wish all of the fathers a very happy Father’s Day. We hope that you are able to spend this day with your loved ones and remember all of the blessings that you have been given. No matter how bad a person thinks they have it , there […]