Baofeng UV-5R

A while back, we bought three of the cheap Baofeng UV-5RB radios for various family members and was really impressed by what we got for $40.00.  They had a pretty wide band on transmit and receive, though we do not advocate transmitting unlicensed outside of the amateur radio bands. Even if you were licensed in […]

Trying out the new iOS app

i am posting this from my phone via the iOS app for WordPress. I just want to see how well it works.

Explaining The WIN System

Earlier this evening, I heard a couple of guys on another local repeater talking about the WIN System on our repeaters but they were not sure how it worked.  The WIN System is short for Western Intertie Network created by Jeff (Shorty) Stouffer, K6JSI when he lived in San Diego.  This began as a radio […]

Mark Hamblin, AE5MH

We’ve heard sad news that Mark Hamblin, AE5MH has passed away as of February 5, 2015. His funeral will be 10:00 AM at the Del City Church of Christ, at 1901 Vickie Drive, Del City, Oklahoma. He was a great guy who helped me on several occasions. You can read the official announcement from the […]

Facebook Page and Facebook Group

Good morning everyone! If you were not aware, we have both a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group.  There are very good reasons why we have both and I’ll do my best in this post to explain why.  In search results, when someone searches for our club, they find the “Page” first.  I am not […]

146.7 Repeater

The repeater has been having issues in the cold where it does not transmit full power.  The 146.7 may seem to be offline a lot lately when in fact it has been online but without much power output.  The repeater has developed a problem where it fails to transmit from the power amplifier (PA) when […]

Choice of Facebook Page, Group or Just Web site

I created a Facebook Group today because I was not sure if people prefer a Facebook page or group.  Having a Facebook Page is nice but it just allows people to “like” the page and post comments to posts that the admin posts.  Individuals that are not admins cannot post on the main page. If […]

Glad to be on

I just wanted to say hello and Im glad to be on.


Paul Sr, W5QO holding GE MaSTR II PA.

Paul Sr, W5QO PA

Paul holding GE MASTR II Power Amplifier (PA).